Our Programs

Our Programs

Innovative programs at the highest standards 

All programs are developed to reflect the Centre's Philosophy and provide the best quality care and education to all children in relation to the Early Years Learning Framework curriculum.

Long term programs are developed by management, educators and parents to meet the changing needs of the Centre.

Our educators are responsible for developing programs for the children. To do this Team leaders receive 2 hours non-contact time per week.

Our Educational Leader is assigned to oversee the educational programs and provide support to all educators. Educators use developmental records and 'noticings' to determine each child's strengths and needs. These programs are based on careful observation and designed to meet the ever changing developmental needs of each child. The daily program is always on display in each section and educators encourage comments and feedback.

Developmental records are available to parents on request. Educators regularly invite family members to individual interviews where they may discuss the Centre, their child or other issues of concern. Additional interviews will be arranged at your request.