Good food is safe food!

Torrensville Child & Family Centre aims to provide high quality, safe and healthy food to the children in our care. In conjunction with our local Council we developed a Food Safety Program which covers all aspects of food provision including:

  • Requesting evidence of safe food handling procedures from our suppliers
  • Temperature control
  • Food storage and preparation
  • Healthy food awareness education for children and families
  • Relaxed eating environments

The centre is audited annually to ensure compliance with legislation as well as recommendations for further improvements. Our Food Safety Program, as well as the audited reports, are available for viewing in the centre’s entrance area on the blue shelves.


Food and Nutrition 

It is the Centre's policy to provide healthy food that meets the nutritional requirements of the 'Start Right Eat Right' program.

Meals offered are low in sugar, salt, fat and respect cultural/religious customs.

Whenever possible fresh ingredients are used and additives and preservatives kept to a minimum. It is very important that educators are notified of any allergies so that appropriate measures can be taken to keep children safe.

Meals provided by the Centre include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. The times meals are offered may vary between Play Rooms so please ask your educators about meal times for your child.

Simple meals of stewed fruit and steamed vegetables are provided for infants starting on solid foods. New foods are introduced at the Centre only after they have been introduced at home.

Menus are developed on a seasonal basis. Suggestions and recipes from home are always welcome. The daily menu is displayed and records of what children have eaten are kept in each room. Please speak to the educators in the room if you wish to know more about what your child has eaten each day.

Meal times at the Centre are friendly and relaxed, with plenty of opportunities provided for children to develop and extend appropriate self-help skills. All children are encouraged to taste food but never forced to eat. Choices are provided with each meal so children can eat according to their own preferences.

Drinks are also a part of a healthy diet and a variety are provided throughout the day.

Milk is offered at varying times. Water is available at all times, with a water dispenser provided for the older children. Younger children and babies are offered drinks throughout the day. If your child requires formula, we ask that you provide this.

We discourage children from bringing individual food from home as it may cause problems with choking and supervision of allergies. Products that may contain traces of nuts, hard lollies and chewing gum can be a real danger and must be left at home.

We are a nut free Centre - please do not bring any products containing nuts into the Centre.

You can view one of our menus here:

Sample Menu 1